Successful principals are the right fit

“Right Fit” The foundation for a successful principalship, or tenure as a CEO, starts before the first day on the job. Boards have got to get this aspect of the recruitment right – the successful applicant must be the “right fit.” Right fit means the principal’s leadership compatibility and affinity with the context of the […]

Principal as CEO

Being a principal in an independent school in Australia is a complex and demanding role, multi-faceted and carrying responsibilities akin to that of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a medium-sized, not-for-profit company, or corporation in Australia. There are no shareholders in not for-profit companies, but in these school-businesses, there is a multitude of stakeholders. An […]

Principals as brand managers

Brand. Principals in independent schools are responsible for establishing their school’s point of difference and sustaining this in the market-driven context which is independent schools in Australia. These principals are building an image of the child’s future. The whole management of the brand/image is an integral part of the role of a principal but adds […]

The principal as CFO, know it!

Independent school principals in Australia are CEOs. They must run their schools as large businesses, just like a CEO of a large not-for-profit company. If they fail to manage the financial performance of the school and manage whole school operations effectively to meet the financial bottom line, their schools are at risk, and can become […]