Becoming an IB Continuum World School (four programs)

Read about Hunter Valley Grammar School’s journey from Fiona Devlin, Deputy Principal –

The Independent School Principal, Superhero

This article was published in Independence May 2017, in the Journal of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia. What does it take to be an independent school principal? Paul Teys argues that Heads are incredible and extraordinary, but they don’t have to be born a superhero, or with innate qualities that enable them to lead. All Heads can learn to be a superhero – Independent_school principals_superheroes_2017.pdf

A summary of research by Kouzes and Posner (2013, 2016).

They developed the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). The LPI comprises 30 leadership behaviours (six for each one of The Five Practices) – kouzes_and_posner_2016_learning_leadership.docx

Leadership lessons from the great explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Attached is a summary of his world-acclaimed book “Shackleton’s Way” written by Margot Morrell & Stephanie Capparell. I have extracted the key lessons that have significant import for school principals – shackletons_way.docx