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Successful principals are the right fit

“Right Fit” The foundation for a successful principalship, or tenure as a CEO, starts before the first day on the job.

Boards have got to get this aspect of the recruitment right – the successful applicant must be the “right fit.” Right fit means the principal’s leadership compatibility and affinity with the context of the school that they are working within. Boards make it so hard for new principals if they do not get this right. While boards do their due diligence to find a suitable principal –principals must do their own checking and assessment of whether the school they are considering is the right fit for them.

The applicant principal must be aware of the ethos and the general profile and reputation of the school and do their own research and gather intelligence about the school’s performance, challenges, and reputation before they choose to apply. In deciding whether a school would be a good fit, the applicant principal must reflect upon their experience, expertise, and traits, and assess whether these will be a good fit for what the school and board needed to meet the challenges and circumstances at hand at the time.