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Relationships, rather than authority or superiority, are at the heart of leadership.

A principal fosters connections, trust and collaboration between all groups within a school community.

In this way, people work for each other. The principal ruthlessly protects people, encouraging connection, collaboration and collective ownership, nurturing a safe environment of trust, respect and family. He recognises leadership wherever it occurs; it is not restricted to a single or even a small set of formal or informal leaders; it is embedded in the school.

A principal practices servant leadership, being a servant first, serving the school’s founders, the heritage and traditions. The principal is continually building capacity in others so that they can develop their own talents and strengths and accept shared responsibility for school’s growth. While comfortable to delegate and share the load, there is accountability; people are expected to perform. There is no sense of summary action though, coaching and development for improved performance is the principal’s way.